Atmospheric physics studies the Earth's atmosphere as part of the interacting system that includes the hydrosphere, solar and planetary radiation, lithosphere and biosphere.

It is a field of research at large and relatively recent, with a strong multidisciplinary character . The methodologies applied in this area range from use of techniques have proved successful in other sectors ( both in measures that in the numerical modeling ) to employement of concepts and methodologies developed its own impetus for studies on atmospheric dynamics, as modern chaos theory or the study of nonlinear systems.

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The research group that operates in our department has gained a rich experience in various fields of Physics, weaving dense and productive working relationships with national and international research centers .

This industriousness led, in 2001 , the birth of the Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling for the Prediction of Severe events ( CETEMPS ) which coordinates a number of activities involving both staff of our Department and researchers directly related to CETEMPS or other institutions.

The areas where it is most active research within the Department are summarized below

Modeling ozone and aerosols

Meteorological modeling 

Hydrologic modeling 

Modeling of air quality

Climate modeling 

'Atmospheric Profiling' using balloons and LIDAR system

Measurements of atmospheric composition using LIF system 


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