Welcome to the Physics degrees offered by the department of Physical and Chemical Sciences.
In these pages you will find information regarding the details of the courses offered:

  • Bachelor degree in physics (class L-30) (first level, three years).
  • Master degree in physics  (class LM-17) (second level, two years).
  • Postgraduate doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy PhD) (third level, three years)

The Bachelor degree in Physics is organized in single curriculum offering fundamental knowledges and abilities in the field of Physics.
The Master degree in Physics offers two different curricula allowing specialization in four different fields, reflecting the main research interests and vocations of the Department faculty working in Physics research:

  • Physics of the environment and meteorology
  • Condensed Matter Physics: Fundamental science and nanotechnology
  • Space Physics
  • Physics and astrophysics of elementary particles

Both Bachelor and Master degrees offer the opportunity to widen learning opportunities through 'Excellence path', dedicated to students particularly interested and willing to work harder.
All the enrolled students have access to spaces dedicated to teaching activities,  didactical laboratories (equipped with scientific apparatus and computers), library and study areas.
The degree study programs are supported by a faculty of about 40 people in total (full professors, associate professors and  researchers), providing  continuous didactical assistance.
Tutorial services:

  • personal tutor: a faculty member is assigned to each new student to assist him managing all kind of problems
  • tutoring services: tutorial sessions on basic physics and math courses are organized each semester to enforce problem solving abilities.


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