Main research activities

- Physical and chemical evaluation of water-porous media interaction for cultural heritage conservation of paper, wood and stone precious items (C. Casieri)

- Magnetic films, multilayers, nanoparticles for magnetic applications (F. D’Orazio)

- Metastable states of matter, High Pressure studies of Water and molecular fluids (A. Filipponi)

- Organic films, metal oxide nanostructures for photocatalytic applications and electrospinning technique (L. Lozzi

- Micro-Raman Spectroscopy applied to the characterization of advanced materials and to the study of cultural heritage materials (P. Benassi, M. Nardone)

- Novel and exhotic 2D materials for fundamental studies of the physical properties, catalysis, sensing, and nanobio applications. (L. Ottaviano)

- Nanostructured materials: carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, graphene, 2D materials (M. Passacantando)

- Topological materials, plasmons, surface sciences (A. Politano



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