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Starting from 1 December for the first semester, and from 2 May for the second semester of each academic year, the function of filling out the evaluation forms of the teaching provided for each course of study. will be activated for ESSE3 (virtual secretariat).

Each student can fill out a questionnaire related to a specific course only once.
This compilation operation is active in the time window identified above and is compulsory the first time the student proceeds to enroll for

From 1 December 2018, on an experimental basis the compilation will take place in the classroom.
To this end, students are invited to bring in class a
mobile device, to be able to connect to their private area on ESSE3.
Schedules and methods will be communicated by the teachers.

The online survey system guarantees the anonymity of the compilation.


other info:

Procedure Rilevazione Opinione Studenti - versione 2015

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