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Program in Cognitive Science at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) ‐ University of Trento, Italy.

The MASTER PROGRAM IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE is offered in English over 2 years (4 semesters) and leads to a Master Degree in Cognitive Science (Laurea Magistrale). Students choose between two tracks offering a selection of specialized courses to allow them to tailor their training to their academic interests:Cognitive Neuroscience (CN) and Language and Multimodal Interaction (LMI).

The CN track combines courses in cognitive neuroscience, neurobiology, statistics and experimental methodology, computer programming, advanced signal and data analysis with hands‐on training in human brain imaging (fMRI, M‐EEG, fNIRS) and simulation techniques (TMS, tDCS), and animal neurophysiological methods.

The LMI track combines introductory computer science courses with courses on formal linguistics and provide students with an overview of well‐established computational linguistics topics as well of research topics dominating the field nowadays. It also offers courses on language and the brain.

All students are actively involved in developing research projects and have access to the laboratories during the Master Program, thus gaining invaluable hands‐on experience with the latest research technologies. These opportunities provide the type of theoretical and technical skills needed for applying to competitive Ph.D. program admissions as well as for research/creative jobs in the industry.

The application deadline for September 2021 intake is March 5th, 2021 (we anticipate a potential second call only for EU citizens and non‐EU residents of Italy ending on June 28th, 2021).

The complete list of requirements for applying is listed on the following webpage.

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Prof. Manuela Piazza ‐ Master Program Coordinator

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Master's degree in Cognitive Science
CIMeC ‐ Center for Mind and Brain University of Trento
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