Sergio Ciuchi

November 5, 2019

“Quantum simulations and quantum technology”

Prof. Tommaso Macrì (UFRN Natal, Brasile)

Abstract: Quantum technology is an emergent research field which comprises quantum computation, quantum sensing and metrology, quantum simulation and quantum communication. The realization and the control of new platforms opens the way to new physics that became a central focus of research. In the first part of these lectures I will give a broad introduction to the field focussing on basic concepts with the language of quantum information. Then I will discuss some applications to the quantum simulation of many-body theories. The physical systems that I will consider are ultra cold gases in optical lattices, which provide an optimal playground for the engineering of exotic phases. Finally in the last lecture I will focus on the physics of long-range interacting quantum dipoles and Rydberg atoms and discuss quantum phases and excitation properties.

Where: Signorelli Room (Phys Dept 1st floor Coppito I) from 3PM to 5PM

When: November 12-14-19-21-26-28


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