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Research in
Analytical Chemistry

The research topic of the Analytical Chemistry group focuses on the development of analytical methods (including molecular and atomic spectroscopies, gas- and liquid-chromatography, and mass-spectrometry), pre-analytical sample treatments and chemometric approaches aimed at investigating complex systems in the field of chemistry, biology, environmental and food sciences.
Food traceability
Both targeted (chromatographic or multi-elemental analysis) and untargeted (UV-vis and infrared spectroscopic fingerprinting) are applied in combination with classification and class-modelling strategies for the discrimination on the geographical/varietal basis of regional agronomical specialties and authentication of high-value certified foodstuffs. Previous and current studies concern, among the others, saffron, lentils, pecorino cheeses, garlic and wines. Additionally, the same analytical methodologies are applied for fraud detection, in particular, for identification of counterfeits and adulterations.

Team members