The PhD curriculum

First year
The primary purpose of the first year of the PhD program is to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to carry out the research activity. During the first year, the PhD student chooses a research topic from the list of activities of the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences and participates in Department seminars. Usually, the doctoral student's research activity supervisor is chosen from among the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences members, although this choice is not mandatory. The student decides the courses to be taken as part of the didactic educational offer according to their specific research activity and particular scientific interests. The academic activities of doctoral students are supplemented by other activities such as participation in national or international schools for PhD students and participation in seminars and conferences.

Examinations for year passages with the PhD academic Board are held in October/November; passing the examination enables the student to enroll in the second year of the PhD program. The exam consists of an oral presentation of the research activity carried out during the first year. The Board is responsible for checking the progress of the PhD student's activities necessary to continue their research program. Non-admission in the year passage examination results in the candidate's exclusion from the PhD program.