Research in
Industrial Chemistry

The research in industrial chemistry are mainly focused on the development of:

-              processes, on an industrial scale, of raw materials for the production of chemicals, mixtures and various kinds of materials;

-              chemical plants and their economic and environmental impact;

The research activity concerns:

-              the synthesis of zeolite-type catalysts applied in the context of chemical reactions of industrial interest, starting from eco-sustainable raw materials; it makes use of the study of the chemical-physical, catalytic and morphological properties of zeolite-type catalysts (catalysis heterogeneous) which contribute to modifying existing processes by completely breaking the formation of reaction by-products.

Some of the research processes are: conversion of methanol to DME; production of DME by high pressure CO2 hydrogenation using zeolites content copper, zinc and zirconia based oxides co-precipitated; MTO processes (Methanol, to Olefins); propane aromatization to BTX; ethanol steam reforming for low environmental impact hydrogen production.

Team members