Curriculum plan of the master's degree in Atmospheric Science and Technology for Meteorology and Climate

The following tables show the curricular pathway of the Degree Course for the current Academic Year.
Indicated are:
  • The Course Code.
  • The name of the Course (by clicking on it, you can view its program).
  • The University Educational Credits (CFUs recognized at the European level through the European Credit Transfer System or ECTS) associated with the Course.
  • The Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD) covered by the Course.
  • The type (A = Basic Course, B = Characteristic Course, C = Related and Integrative Activities, D = Autonomous Choice of a Course, E = English Language Course and Final Test, F = Acquisition of Additional Computer Skills).
  • The course year in which it is delivered.
  • The semester in which the Course is delivered.

Legend for CFUs:
T = theoretical lecture (1 CFU: 8 hours of theoretical lecture and 17 hours of individual study)
E = classroom exercises (1 CFU: 12 hours of classroom exercises and 13 hours of individual study)
L = laboratory activity (1 CFU: 12 hours of laboratory and 13 hours of individual study)

Information on previous years' courses and programs can be found on the dedicated University website.
First Year
Code Course name
DF0133 Introduction to Atmospheric Physics 4T+2E GEO/12 B 1
DF0078 Foundations of Meteorology: Synoptic and Physical Meteorology 6T+3E FIS/06
B 1
DF0083 Atmospheric Dynamics: Meteorological Modeling and Climate Modeling 8T+4E GEO/12 B A
DF0120 Environmental Meteorology: Modeling and Monitoring Techniques 6T+3E+3L FIS/06
  Choice Course among Group 1 4T+2E   C 2
  Free-choice Course within the University offer  6   D 2