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Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are distinguished according to their areas of competence. The Didactic Secretariat is in charge of the management and administration of the Degree Courses provided in our Department. The Student Secretariat is in charge of school careers' administrative and management aspects.
Didactic Secretariat

It manages the didactic offerings of the Undergraduate and Master's Degree Courses, the postgraduate courses, educational events, conferences and seminars held in the Department and takes care of their external dissemination through updates on the University portal and this website. The drafting of the Studies Curricula, the Student Guide, the calendar of lectures and related allocation of classrooms, the control and preservation of lecture records, evaluation forms, and the organization of educational tutoring are activities that this secretariat performs to protect the quality of the course of study.
In close cooperation with the Department Director and administrative staff, the secretariat also manages funds for the laboratories and the teaching support.
The office of the Didactic Administrative Secretariat is located on the second floor of the "Renato Ricamo" building.

Information on teaching activities


In charge person: Sabatino Tinari

Giulia De Minicis