Published the calls for admission to the Course - Cycle 39

The call can be found on the University website following the button below.
For the Course in Physical and Chemical Sciences, there are currently 10 positions available, one of which is without a scholarship, as follows:
  • No. 5 scholarships from the University of L'Aquila.
  • No. 2 scholarships funded under DM 118 2023 - M4C1 - Inv. 4.1 - "PNRR Research" - CUP - E11I23000150001 having as research topics: "Tuning of photoinduced charge transfer for new optogenetic potentialities", in collaboration with CNR - Istituto Nanoscienze - Rome - Referent: Prof. I. Daidone and "Raman spectroscopy of cardiomyocytes for "drug safety", in collaboration with CNR - SuPerconducting and other INnovative materials and devices institute (CNR-SPIN c/o L'Aquila) - Genoa - Referent: Prof. A. Marini.
  • No. 1 scholarship funded under DM 117/2023 - M4C2 - Inv. 3.3 - "Innovative doctorates responding to the innovation needs of enterprises" - CUP E11I2300021000 having as research topic: "Nanoscale transport measurements with optimization of the ohmic contact", in collaboration with LFoundry S.r.l. of Avezzano (AQ) - Referent: Prof. L. Ottaviano.
  • No. 1 funded grant from the National Insitute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) having as research topic astroparticle and gravitational physics, particularly issues concerning neutrino physics, dark matter research and multimessenger physics, with implications for fundamental physics and cosmology. The activity may take place in both experimental and theoretical settings.
The application deadline is 1 p.m. (local time) on August 24, 2023
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