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Student Services

The Department supports the student's educational and post-training career with various services provided in different forms depending on their specific needs. Some of these services concern the organization and conduct of the academic activities; others are practical tools that the student is invited to use to facilitate their study career and stay in the Department and the University.

The staff of the Didactic Administrative Secretariat and the Student Secretariat take care of the student's curriculum from their placement in the course of study (enrollment) and achievement of the relevant degree (exams) to the management of integrative and subsequent activities such as paths of excellence, scholarships and grants for study and research, university work and internships, and international mobility (Erasmus, Mundus).

The Virtual Secretariat, E-learning, and UNIVAQ-Students are three interactive tools accessible from the University portal that allow students to access their university curriculum and profit exams, keep informed about specific issues, notices and educational forums provided by reference teachers, and take advantage of subsidiary services purely related to their status as students, on-campus or off-campus.