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The research group deals with the preparation and characterization of nanomaterials. Nanomaterials are characterized by peculiar properties, deriving from a high ratio between surface area and volume. This results in a higher percentage of surface atoms compared to internal atoms, giving the nanomaterials a high reactivity and completely different chemical-physical and structural properties compared to the conventional forms of the same materials. In particular, the research group deals with the synthesis and functionalization of graphene oxide, a two-dimensional material belonging to the graphene family. Compared to graphene itself, graphene oxide has peculiar properties that make it suitable for different application areas, including high hydrophilicity, the possibility of being easily functionalized (covalently or not), and of being dispersed in matrices of different nature, such as polymers.

Furthermore, the research group deals with chemically modifying the surfaces of materials by means of a covalent approach, obtaining modification of the wettability of the surfaces themselves.

Inoltre il gruppo di ricerca si occupa di modificare chimicamente le superfici di materiali mediante approccio covalente, ottenendo modifica di bagnabilità delle superfici stesse.

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