Courses offered for the PhD

Physics Courses

Introduction to probability theory and data treatment (Prof. Adriano Filipponi)
  • One dimensional random variables, probability densities and characteristic functions.
  • Weak convergence of sequences of random variables.
  • The law of large numbers and the central limit theorem.
  • Examples and applications where the requirements for the central limit theorem are not satisfied: Log-normal, Lorentzian and non homogeneous
    Poisson process.
  • Multi-dimensional random variables, marginal distributions and correlation.
  • The multi-dimensional Gauss distribution.
  • Bayes’ theorem and Bayesian approaches.
  • Prior parameter distribution, likelihood function and normalization.
  • Elementary and non-elementary examples of Bayesian parameter estimates.
  • Theleast-square empirical procedures as a special case of the Bayesian formalism.
  • Computational approaches to random number generation.

Chemistry Courses

Asymmetric organocatalysis (Prof. Armando Carlone)
  • Introduction to organocatalysis - birth, history, first steps
  • Various types of organocatalysts and activations
  • Catalysis via enamine
  • Catalysis via iminium ion
  • Stereoselective activation/control via hydrogen bonding and steric encumbrance.
  • Primary amines to activate ketones.
  • Enamine/iminium ion catalytic cycle - similarities and domino reactions phosphoric acids, ACDC
  • Tertiary amines and PTCs
  • Thioureas - bifunctional
  • Industrial synthesis examples: letermovir, TV-4507