Evaluation of teaching - Opening of online survey

Evaluation of teaching - Opening of online survey
As of December 1 for the first semester and May 1 for the second semester, filling in the evaluation forms of didactics delivered for each teaching of the Course of Study will be activated on the virtual secretariat (ESSE3).

Each student can fill in a questionnaire referring to a specific teaching only once. This compilation operation is active at any time in the time window identified above. It becomes mandatory, however, the first time the student or student proceeds to register for the examination.

The compilation can be carried out in the classroom during teaching delivery. For this purpose, students will be asked to come to class equipped with a mobile device to connect to their private area on the virtual secretariat (ESSE3). Times and modalities will be communicated by the lecturers concerned.

The online survey system guarantees the anonymity of the compilation.

More information is on the Teaching - Evaluation of teaching page.